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I want to play a game with you ebaums users, but I warn that amatuers need not apply. I realize the simpsons aren't very popular lately, or funny for that matter, but they are still a cultural icon. Despite the fact that it is far from my favorite show, I want to see if anyone can answer some obscure trivia I have compiled in my mind. These will not be easy, only those with attention to detail or serious fans need apply. some content may have been obtained outside the show itself but all of it is legitimate. post your answers in the comments. Don't look at the comments until you prepare your own answers. I'll comment back if you get it right, and if you cheat you're only cheating yourself. Let's begin.



1)First an easy one. What are the real, and full, names of the following characters:


Comic Book guy

Kent brockman

Crazy Cat Lady


Sea captain

fat tony (3 answers)


Luigi (of luigi's pizza)


2)Now for a harder one. Which two characters are in the closet but have been evidenced to be gay. (not obvious ones, so not smithers, john, or carl from 'simpson and delilah')


3) Alittle harder. What two former husbands of selma are implied but not shown marying her. (both are regular characters)


4) A hard one now. What religion is disco stu?


5) Alittle easier: what three characters do not yet have a real name?


6) Harder again. which two characters are evidenced to be bisexual, though it's never clearly stated?


7) Very hard. What two explanations are given for moe's nose being the way it is?


8) Horrendously hard, but I'll give a hint. What ironic numbers are on Rod and Todd's football jerseys?


9) A bit easier. What are homer and lisa's email adresses?


10) If you get this one right I'll be stunned. What major character does Krusty have a picture of himself trying to make out with hidden in a drawer in his office in krustylu studios?


11) Easy one..kinda. What is marge's natural hair color?


12) obscure but not hard. What is Smither's father's name?


13) final obscure question. What is the name of the michael jackson imposter that homer met in a mental institution?


14) I lied. Name doctor hibert's brothers.


15) Name all major characters who are republican


16) What fraternity was Dr. Nick in?

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