Uncut: How My Foreskin Defines Me.

In the human anatomy a Foreskin is described as a retractable fold of skin that covers and protects the head of the penis. In my life I describe it as an unsightly "Cockflap" that prevents my dick from ever really touching the inside of a vagina. I am currently looking into finally being circumcised but before I make a decision I must first look back on my life and see how this little piece of skin has truly affected me.

 The first time I realized I was different was probably my first hand job. "Why does your cock feel so sleek?" she coos in my ear, "I've never felt one like this". Big, Huge, In, Awesome = all words you want to hear about your dick. Sleek is not on that list. Sure, I'd seen other dicks in porn before but I never really paid close attention to them. Anyways, I waited until she finished to ask what the big deal was. "You have extra dick skin" she says. How Embarrassing, totally ruined my first HJ. This isnt the only time my foreskin has hindered me sexually. Every time I enter a vagina I feel like I'm not really fucking a chick, I feel like I'm just fucking the inside of my foreskin. Talk about double penetration. I also hate how my dick needs to be unraveled all the time, like rolling back a condom preying that there's no piss or smegma under the hood (or "Riding Dirty" if you attend the meetings).

 I had a real hard time potty training with my foreskin. Sometimes when its stretched over the helmet it can be very hard to aim, so I made an early habit of sitting down while I took leaks. Yes, not only does this thing make me a premature ejaculator (or "Rapid Climaxer" if you attend the meetings) but it also makes me pee like a girl. Come to think about it, the foreskin is actually close cousins with the clitoris. Perhaps this is why I'm so in tap with my feminine side. The rest of the population is walking around hardened and rigid from the world while I remain sensitive and guarded. I must say that this makes a lot of sense to my life. This extra piece of flesh has taught me some very important lessons: To keep clean and tidy, to pace myself before I blow it and most importantly - to sit down and think things through every now and then. Maybe I'll keep Shaggy around after all. Big shout out to all my uncut brethren out there. Next time someone calls you "Cheese Dick", just think: You're the one with docking abilities.


Uploaded 07/05/2009
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