Under God

The other day I was having a conversation with someone and we got to talking about schools and the school system. The other person brought up the topic of the plaedge of allegiance and whether or not it should be said every day in schools because of the phrase "Under God" in it and whether the phrase offends people. I simply said that I did not have an opinion on it because I did not have time to think. I thought for a while and decided to share my opinion with the world. The phrase "Under God" does not actually mean what it sounds like. Some people argue that it implies that only people who believe in god are allowed to inhabit the country. This is not the case, because a god figure in most religions is not only in place as the creator of all things but as the mediator of the universe providing for order and trust to be in place, as is the same way with the Devil figure which brings disorder and lies. By saying that the United States of America is "One nation under God" is like saying "One nation dependant upon morals, order, trust, and the power to maintain and control that order peacefully." I think it maybe should be changed to something less suggestive but that the pledge of alliegence should not under any circumstances be erradicated from the school systems because it teaches the good morals and trust that our country was built upon. That is my opinion and I would like to know yours.

Uploaded 12/13/2008
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