Underrated Guitarists

I am a guitarist and constantly listening to, and gaining inspiration from, rock music. And being a guitarist I am always listening for extraordinary talent. I have found that there are a great deal of guitarists that go almost completely unnoticed and are entirely underrated. I thought I would share a few of the ones that I find the most underrated and would love to hear those that you find underrated as well.

- Kim Thayle of Soundgarden

-Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains

-Buckethead: The guy is weird as fuck but he can tear apart a fret board

- Matthew Bellamy of Muse: This guy is simply incredible. My first thoughts of Muse weren't much but they really grew on me. The music is incredibly melodic (amazing to listen to while tripping by the way) and it's completely driven by Matthew Bellamy. He's insane on piano, a great singeer, and his guitar playing is over the top. Go to youtube and type in Muse guitar solos and click on the video compilation there and you will know what I'm talking about.

- Peter Klett of Candlebox: Another guitarist who's riffs are melodic and never fail you. I think he's often overlooked due to how shortlived Candlebox was. I HIGHLY encourage you to listen to "Rain" by Candlebox, he really shines in that one.

- Zakk Wylde: Everyone knows he's very talented, but I don't think they really know to what extent. He may very well be the most talented guitarist alive today. Very diverse (Check out the stuff he did in a little known band called Pride and Glory in the 90's). I mean, he became Ozzy's guitarist when he was 19.... need I say more?

- Niel Schon of Journey: Rythm guitarist for B.B. King at age 14 and Santana at age 15 before forming Journey. Pay close attention to his solos at the very end of "Any Way You Want It"

- Mike McCreedy of Pearl Jam: My favorite guitar solo of all time is the one he does in Yellow Ledbetter. If you haven't heard it... you are truly missing something amazing.

-David Gilmour of Pink Floyd: In my opinion the most underrated guitarist that ever lived. Listen to anything Pink Floyd. Comfortably Numb.... I know you guys know

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