Unfinished Business

So schools basically over. i was in my last period class just waiting to get the hell out. the teacher goes on about how we should spend our summer and stuff. while im talking with a spanish chick about her summer. she has a nice body that i couldn't keep my eyes off of. she was wearing those dress type shirts (the ones that start on top of the tits) and tight dark blue jeans. the teacher was handing back reports and everytime she would get up to recieve hers my eyes would be focused on her nice tight ass. it was hot so the a/c was running on full blast. as we were talking i noticed that her nipples had harden but she hadnt noticed. i was  stuck there infront of a hot girl who's nipples were hard but couldnt look directly at them. then i saw that i wasnt the only one looking at them and figured to tell her. she turned red and suddenly got red as she put her bag infront of her. as she kept talking i turned to bring her back to her tits but she kept changing the subject. she was like i hate it when this happens. i said then why dont you just wear a bra but she said she doesnt like wearing them. i was like does that mean you dont like wearing panties either. she was like no she wears them. i was like yeah right prove it but she said that i was just trying to sneak a peek. so she reached into her tight pants and pulled her thong a little. the period was over and we got on the bus to head home.

fast forward - we are walking towards my home.

we talk and we finally say bye. as i tried to open my door it was double locked meaning no one was home. so i  yelled her name and told her to come in for something to drink. blah blah blah talk about some stupid shit and she asks to go to the bathroom to freshen up. when she comes out we sit on the sofa and i couraged up to say that she has the sexxiest body ever. she asks what i like most and i say her ass,tits and face. so she gets up with her ass right infront of me and says slap it. so i did a couple of times and she said it felt good. she said she was going to leave so as i got up she was bent over picking her bag up and her ass was on my dick for a good minute. so i grabbed her and started to kiss her on her lips. she keeps telling me to stop but then she continued. after making out i took her shirt off to see her nice round tits. as i was trying to get her pants off she backed off and said to stop. i tried again but same response. to my luck she was on her period and we couldnt continue. i took her and put her on my and continued to make out with my hands grabbing her ass and moving it back and forth. i asked her to give me head and she agreed and to my surprise, she swallowed. after that she put her shirt back on and was at the door about to leave. i said you know you missed some great pleasure. she said i know but ill be back. i said what should i do till then. then she moaned, put all her stuff on the stairs, unbottomed her pants and pulled them down. with only her pink and green thong on,she started to grind on me. after 5mins. she and i both knew i was hard again and while pulling her pants back up said that she was thirty and swallowed again. i grabbed her ass once more and said goodbye and locked the door as she left.

To be continued in a few days.

Uploaded 06/22/2008
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