Unhappy wth MW2

I bought MW2 on the day it came out. I, like most people that were sucked into the repetitive franchise that is the Call of Duty series, was dying to play it. It looked cool online, and was set to be awesome with the new spec ops mode. But my views slowly changed. After completing what was a very lackluster storyline in just a little over four hours, I was thinking to myself, Thats a shame. But then again its a FPS, so killing and graphics is what the developers where aiming for (excuse the pun), and not so much the storyline.

I left it for the day and decided to start the multiplayer the next day. Now this is shitting me. Online side of things of MW2 literally sucks cock. I cant understand why Infinity Ward would make trying to find a good green match is so difficult. This brings me to the perks. Holy Fuck. Talk about fucking with the formula. Sure, the double perk thing is a nice addition, but really, most of that shit you dont use. So after trying to find a match for 30 minutes, I decided to give MW1 a shot. To my horror, I got into a match within 30 seconds, with four, big, fat, chunky, green bars of awesomeness.

I really dont think Infinity Ward has put a lot of effort into this. And Im deadly certain that the multiplayer side of things was created first (Just look at the storyline!!) Sure its a nice game to look at but it doesnt compare to MW1. Ive given up with the online multiplayer. For this gamer, Im sticking with MW1. If something is broke, why fix it? Is anyone else sharing my frustration?

Uploaded 12/05/2009
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