Unhealthy Indulgences

Everyone does things that are bad for them if not carried out in moderation.  There are a few bad habits I have that I know are not good for me long term, but damn they bring me so much pleasure.  Why is it that everything I do that feels good is so bad for me?  Here's a few things that I do that are okay every once in a while, but bad for you if done too much.

Cigarettes and Beer-  If drinking beer and smoking cigs were Olympic sports, I'd be Micheal Phelps

Late Night Speeding-  I love getting on my bike in the middle of the night and blasting from bar to bar, sans helmet.  Nothing better than cruising through the city at 3am, the buildings flinging past you, the night air.  Love it.

Olberman and Maddow-  I check out a lot of sources, but damn Keith Olberman and Racheal Maddow get me harder than a left turn downtown.  I can't help it, that's just my view on things.  I wish Maddow wasn't gay, so her and Keith could have an ultra-mega-super-liberal offspring that would cause Hannity, Rush, and O'Reilly to flee the country in horror.

Hardee's Thickburgers-  Even though it takes a fucking eon to get through their drive through, their burgers are the closest thing I've ever experienced on this Earth to making me believe in God.  If I were on death row, a Monster Burger with curly fries and a Delirium Tremens would be my request for a last meal. I hate to think what I could accomplish if stopped spending hours a day fucking around on this site. 

These are just a few, what are some of your unhealthy obsessions?

Uploaded 09/09/2008
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