Unions, it has to be said

The union is the bane of the American worker. Because of the fear of being trapped with anyone that is hired, employers have become remarkably stringent and job security is no longer about proving oneself by working hard and being loyal and talented but is instead about foolish political and diplomacy ass kissing games. untalented, lazy workers get undeserved job security while more deserving people are fucked out of work because no one can be fired for sucking at their job. lazy untalented workers get undeserved raises to the point that they can make the salary of a more integral worker for doing a job that belongs rightfully to an entry level employee and not to a veteran. if you can't take a promotion then fucking keep your bad pay. you want more money do something harder. Decent and useless alike, all workers get their weekly shake down for protection money to a group of assholes they can't even count on to do anything useful. The only difference between unions and the mafia is that at least the mafia got things done. By what system of morality are unions morally acceptable and paying a private party to threaten your employer, which is what a union does, is unacceptable?

Uploaded 05/17/2011
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