Up all night depressed

I've been the wild and crazy swinger guy lately.  The genesis of my marital awakening was strife.  My wife told me flat out that she wanted to end our marriage.  After discussion, I decided that I wanted to end our marriage too.  After much discussion and communication, we decided to have our marriage evolve instead of end.


I understand that having moderate surgical recovery is a major indicator for depression.  I understand that having mutilated junk can cause depression.  But understanding the causes of depression don't aleviate the symptoms.


Lately, I feel that any sexual attention I've gotten from my wife is for her benefit, not mine.  Lately I feel like I'm somebody to go out dancing with and have at the ready to attend sexy parties.  But mostly, during my recovery from surgery, I feel like she has just NOT fucking been there for me.  Due to her training and new job, I've pretty much taken care of myself.  When I say I have needs, she gets exasperated and is mostly concerned about her studying and how much sleep she'll get before work.


My concern is having sexy parties has put a band-aid on any marital problems and hasn't allowed us to progress at all.


But mostly, I stayed up all night with a bruised cock and balls and felt sorry for myself.

Uploaded 03/22/2011
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