Update, and perverted men.

Hey! So this is just a little update of  what I have been doing these last few days, I haven't really been on much because this site drove me a little crazy and I ended up writing a blog about how much I hated everyone and how much I wanted them to die, I don't. It was just a few hostile people and there was really no need for it but that has been forgot about. Anyway I am going back to college which I am really excited about, and I am going on holiday in a few days which is even better because I get to be away from my parents! Also the other thing on here is I have met some nice people on this site, and I thought I met a really nice guy untill he turned out to be a total sleaze ball, you all know him but I couldn't possibly display this information, let's just say he takes no for answer, esp when he asks you to come over to his and not leave his bedroom.... eurk.
Uploaded 12/01/2010
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