UpdatedShould i tell my girl to get an abortion?

any advice would help.ty


Shes not realy my girlfriend so its kinda hard to explain but  my wife is going to kill me if she finds out. what should i do ? anyone know  someone with a coat hanger ? jk but seriously.....


Signed yours truly fucked...


Now she wants to call my wife , I am considering to tell her to email her. This way i can deny it and say its a bad joke or something. Worst comes to worst I will post my wifes email and lets the people of baums tell her ( things arent working out either way). If my wife reacts to the email like its real i will post her email so you can all tell her for me i will leave her in the morning after...

What the hell my foot is half out the door anyways.


Signed Mister  less worried .


Ok so i am leaving in the morning , Not sure if i should empty all  the bank accounts ... She has been pretty bitchy lately..Ok so aparantly she has no idea wich means no one emailed her at all , wich is good for now. I will update with more info , oh and also i spoke to my girlfriend and asked if she would get an abortion . She said maybe she will think about it..   Ok so thats the update for now i will post more if i decide to leave in the morn or until she finds out and calls my bluff.

Signed Bored and eager.

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