Uptight people And other things

Everyone has an uptight friend who always ruins their plans. There’s nothing wrong with being a little uptight but it becomes a problem when you refuse to do anything that could ever get you into trouble. My point of view is that you only live once and you need to have fun while you’re still kicking. But there is a time to grow up and act your age. I know some people who every time I or one of my other friends does something “bad" they always flip out and think on the negative side. Isn’t it so much better to look at your youth and say you had fun rather than think back and wish you had done it? I don’t really care if people I know do drugs but only if they don’t ruin their live over it and if they stick to weed. When people start skipping class and let their marks slip because they are too busy doing weed is when I have a problem with it. I myself have tried weed and I don’t particularly like it. All it does is make you feel heavy and stupid. And I think I can manage the stupid part without weed. I also drink sometimes but I don’t go out drinking g with my friend until I throw up all over the sidewalk. What’s the point of that, all you do is humiliate yourself. I can completely understand if people don’t want to drink and do drugs but I hate it when they are completely against something when they have never experienced it. Sex is another thing that I hate when people are against it when they have never done it. Some people think of me as a slut because I’m 15 and I’m sexually active but last time I checked I’ve only ever been with 4 guys. All of which I was dating. I define a slut or a whore by someone who goes around sleeping with every guy she meets. I know a couple whores/sluts I’m not friends with them but I know them. They are the kind of girls that like it when guys know they are easy. Just because I have sec doesn’t mean I’m a whore. I’m just comfortable with my sexuality and I have some uptight friends who have a problem with the fact that I have sex with my boyfriends. Straightedge people like them piss me off because they are always judging other people and their actions but won’t even dare to try anything. There’s nothing wrong with being good because at time I can be a good girl. I don’t disrespect my teachers or my parents and I show the utmost respect to some parts of the government. That doesn’t mean that I can have fun once in a while and break a law. I’m not going to go out and murder someone but I might have a drink with my family. I’ve only drank with my friends maybe 4-5 times. All of which I didn’t even get tipsy because I can’t guarantee that all my friends would be able to keep an eye on me and take care of me. When I see girls who post pictures of themselves drinking all I can think about is why they do that. Is it to get attention or is it too make them look "cool". My idea of fun is not sitting in some guys garage smoking pot until 3 in the morning or drinking so much that you don’t even remember you name and end up sleeping with a complete stranger. I think everyone should have a "things to do before I die" list. It would make things so much more interesting if everyone did what they dreamed about doing. As long as it wasn’t going to hurt another person. A couple things from my unwritten list of things to do is Get a tattoo (which I will be getting in December) Go horseback riding Peirce my nipple Try absinthe If you wish to list a couple of your things to do that would be awesome.
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