Urban Legend?

Let me know if you think this is an urban legend or if you have heard this story before. It was told to me by my sister who said it happened to her friend and I think she might just be fucking with me. Anyways, apparently this chick was at a party and gave this guy a blow job. And a few weeks later she came down with a bunch of nasty sores in her mouth. So thinking it was herpes or some shit, she went to the doctor, but he sent her to the dentist cause her teeth were getting all fucked up. The dentist found maggots had eaten up her gums and layed eggs and stuff in there. Then she called her doctor back and asked if there was anyway a penis could have given her maggots. The doctor said that a man COULD get maggots if he was fucking an animal or a dead body. So this girl called the guy back and didn't mention that she had been to the dentist and stuff but was just trying to get to know him a little better. She asked him where he worked and he told her-a funeral home.
Uploaded 06/10/2008
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