veil of the body, transcendance of the spirit

I must qualify first by saying I do not want anyone to come here and try to advertise their beliefs, in fact I do not even think it is necessary for us to be told what your beliefs are for this discussion. Feel free if you like, conceal them if you like, just don't push them.I have a question about major world religions and it has been troubling me for some time. Why do most major (popular) religions seem to carry primarily as their idea that the physical world has no primary use. I know that spirituality usually involves some idea of another place than earth, but my question is why? Why is this world not primary? The answer I tend to get is that it is full of suffering. Humans suffer, profoundly, and we only get one shot at this, it's brief and it's terrible, so there must be something. I understand this reasoning, this is why religion appeals and how it was born probably.My only trouble with this, other then the dual nature of emotions telling me that a plan devoid of suffering would be devoid of a basis for comparison, and I realize that a plane of spiritual transcendence probably wouldn't be subject to the way we experience this world. My only other trouble is that I feel like this has been back formed.Maybe you and I don't live in the same world, but the only profound suffering I see is the result of human cultural structures, the way we compete, that is the root of this suffering, but the actual world doesn't have inherit suffering or wickedness nor do humans seem to. Not humans objectively. I am not here to debate original sin, I simply think that it doesn't seem correct with the world I see here. There seems to be plenty of humans that aren't suffering so profoundly and they are relatively devoid of so called wicked behavior. Very little instance of murder, rape, theft, drug abuse, or any such behavior occurs. these people aren't magical saints, they are just people in a different culture. For much of human history this has been explained away with the noble savage theory. I am certain you have all heard this. The idea is if someone lives out away from civilized culture they just feel pure inside or something. If we accept that, and it does seem to be a beloved literary tradition, then we accept that your so called original sin is a part of culture not the human species.I am not here to get deeply into that either, I just want to ask of you all who believe the physical world is not primary why isn't it, and is it then unimportant what happens here. Is it okay to let anything happen to the world, because there is a perfect world out there for you? I am not being condescending or trying to upset anyone, I genuinely want to know if I have missed something.It is not necessary once again to state your specific beliefs, just whether or not the earth or something else is primary to your existence and why. leave a comment and try to take this seriously.

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