Videgames: God's Lil' Time Wasters

I've just completed my second game of Fable 2...and I instantly started up a third. Each game takes about 20 hours to beat. So if my calculations are correct I've played about 372 hours and 46 minutes....wait that's not right. Shit.... Why didn't I pay attention in my third grade math class!  Oh well, you get the point. But in all seriousness, Videgames are awesome, but a complete and total waste of time. I have a level 70 Blood Elf Mage in WoW, I've wracked up 20 DAYS of play time. Which means that for neaely a month straight I've sat in front of my computer and played that single character, let alone the 5 others I have. When I used to play City of Heroes it was the same way.

       I also probably have about 20-30 360 games. Do you realize how much money that is? Let's say on average I buy a game for 40 dollars (I buy a lot of them used), that comes out to between $1200 and $1600 on games!


     And I'm not alone. Hell I'm not even classified among the nerd populace, which troubles me. I know people who never leave their home and sit around all day playing games. I sit around alot, but I also have friends and am in two active bands. But really, if I had never heard of Video games and had spent all my time doing something productive like studying or playing guitar (playing guitar FAR preferred over the former option) how much better would I be? I mean 20 days straight of guitar practice? I would be a God and a half, rather than just the God that I already am at that particular instrument (I kid I kid...I'm just fantastic at it, not a God. You understand).


     Now back to killing hobbes in Fable 2. I refuse to learn from my own thoughts and blogs!


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Uploaded 11/15/2008
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