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Just an idea


This is just a quick note to put an idea out there.

The inspiration came from Google's new feature, the weekend and evening e-mail drunk-block thing. The one where users have to take a simple maths test in order to be able to open their account.

This, they hope, will reduce the amount of (regretable) drunken e-mails sent.

Now my idea is this, before anyone is allowed to post in the blog section, they must take a literacy and english writing skills 'test'. We have all seen the terribly written blogs and i'm sure that i'm not alone in wanting to correct this tolerance of stupidity. I'm sure we all have certain 'users' in mind.

Now this test could be set at an 'appropriate' level and would (hopefully) prevent total morons posting dog-wank blogs that just get deleted.

I know it wouldn't prevent people who passed the 'test' from posting shit, but hopefully the rubbish blogs would be reduced due to less 'tards being present.

Anyone have any thoughts and/or improvements?


jmc1 Uploaded 10/19/2008
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