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Little girls FTW!!


Has anyone caught this latest advertisement for the Obama campaign with a bunch of pre-pubescant girls questioning Palin's views?


Now, don't get me wrong, Palin doesn't strike me as the most intelligent person in the world. In fact, I think my left testicle would make a better VP. But children? Are you kidding me? There's not a single kid in that ad that is old enough to have a clue, let alone have an educated opinion, about any of the things they talked about.


Is this what it's come to? A true campaign SHOULD be composed of the candidates shining the spotlight on their strengths, not their opponent's weaknesses. Sure, stabs are in order, but it shouldn't comprise the majority of your campaign. This election has already been way off the mark in that regard, but now this? Now the dems are using their CHILDREN to spew this crap? Now that just makes me sick.


Sick enough to write a short blog about it, anyway.

Kaustic Uploaded 10/22/2008
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