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The kinds of Dro Dallas has to offer


I live in dallas TX, damn i dont give a fuck what anybody says but we got the best dro around right now especially since there is a drought(a shortage of weed) ever since i've started smoking i've had Sour diesel,sour haze,purple haze,orange haze,train wreck,sweet tooth, lavander,northern lights,white widow,maui wowie,bubble gum kush,mango kush,orange kush,Josh howard dro(if you aint from dallas you wont know y  we call it that) and list goes on and on. if you think you can get any better than what we got let me know wutz up because all this politics stuff is getting boring so i thought i change the subject.


Im pretty sure you uppity bitches gonna be saying the same shit like go get a job or get out of you parent's house its pretty typical shit but i just wanna say that i work for the city of dallas and i have my own house and im in college so if you gonna hate on me because i like the good shit then so be it.

pbl0 Uploaded 10/23/2008
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