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Lord of the Flies


Best book ever. I've read it like 30 times, and I like to think that I know every damn thing about it except Piggy's real name. The reason i bring this up is that I hate when people are wrong about things I am passionate about. Another thing that comes to mind is the games Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, and the themes within them. Anyway, I'm getting off point.


Fucking youtube arguments about the goddamn movie. Really, A guy told me the 1963 movie was full of depth and artistry. But how can it be deep if it is basically a scene for scene movie of the book? NO, the book was deep, not some directors un-imaginative idea of it. So really, I'm sorry for having to write a blog about this.


Upon finishing this I realize that most of the uneducated bloggers on here have no idea waht I'm talking about.

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