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Punching babies


So there is this sound...a certain sound that if i hear it i want to punch infants in their FACE!!!  The way it goes threw the ear drum and processed threw the brain just makes me so ANGRY!!!  The noise is a high pitched fart in which only certain ppl can hear.  God help if im in a nursery and a nurse lets one loose.  The next thing you know shreeks and babies crying will be heard for miles.  When i hit a baby it is such an adrenaline rush i get an erection and ejeculate in my pants.  I have had 13 cat scans and 20 MRI's and they can not figure out what makes me do this....why me lord ...why me...?




p.s I totally am jerking off to fat chicks NAKEDDDD!!!!!

Tslice Uploaded 10/27/2008
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