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cinccinati bowtie


bobbyeatshit-your blog was the nastiest thing ever! 5 stars!

i have a great job but i also work with this guy who has a tracheotomy. and he has this nasty cough thing that he does too. so i know the sound it makes when he is blowing lung cheese out of it. he also talks with one of those buzzer things like the guy on southpark.

he keeps it coverd with gauze but sometimes i catch him lifting it up and picking at the dried skin. he has long ass nails and i have seen him flick booger things and make it bleed.

we cook in a very fancy country club-dont worry-none of you can even get in so you dont have to worry about eating "lung cheese lasagna".

thankyou for reminding me bobbyeatshit!

and for those of you who dont know: a "cinncinatti bowtie" is when you shit in someones mouth who has a tracheotomy and then "throat fuck" them so the shit squirts out and it looks like a bowtie on their neck.

BitchOnAStick Uploaded 10/29/2008
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