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Halloween Then and Now


As i sit here waiting fro kids to ring my doorbell I think back to what I used to do for Halloween when I was younger.

I used to get so exited when Halloween came. Every year I would go around dressed up as a ninja (or something like that) and go get a sackful of yummy tooth rotting candy.

As I got older (lets say middle school) I started playing pranks on poeple, such as toilet papering peoples houses, or getting in fake fights to mess with people. 

Then my highschool days came along and I would go party every Halloween.

But now. alas, in my 18th year of celebrating Halloween I'm sitting at home with nothing better to do but hand out candy to little kids. 

Tonight is just like any other night now. Halloween has long lost it's luster in my eyes.


Oh well, I guess I'll just drink some beer while I wait for more kids to show up.






sir_scoots_alot Uploaded 10/31/2008
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