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Dammit Doug!!


One day in Middle School, we as students were counting on a movie day. It was the last day before summer, and we knew damn well we wouldn't be doing any kind of actual work in this small town public school, because hey..... what's the point?

We were all sitting in our desks in Mrs. Smith's class, and she verified our hopes for a movie. Hooray! She gave us two options, the 2nd of which she was clearly excited about. Our options were something totally cool, like X-Men, and something totally lame, like Balto. Or something.

Mrs. Smith: Okay class, what'll it be?
Zach: X Men!
Chad: X Men!
Amanda: X Men!
Jeremy: X Men!
Dustin: X Men!
Dustin: X Men!
Dustin: X Men!
Johnna: X Men!
Doug (actual): (whisper) What's Balto about?
Doug (What Mrs Smith heard): (Yelling) Balto! Yes please God give us Balto!!
Mrs Smith: Alright! Balto it is! Good choice!
Zach: Dammit Doug!
Bryan: Dammit Doug!
Chris: Dammit Doug!
Chris: Dammit Doug!
Brandi: Dammit Doug!
Doug: Dammit Doug!

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