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You've got to be kidding me


Fox just covered a story, in Philadelphia if I understand it correctly, where police were called to come and arrest a black panther member (I didn't know they were still around!) who was standing outside the polling site with a fucking night-stick, trying to intimidate republican voters, and who according to some of the people he stopped, said to them, "We're tired of white supremacy. A black man is going to win this election, no matter what."


I shit you not. God I wish I was in Philadelphia, I would have smeared that motherfucker all over the street and shoved that night-stick up his ass. Of all the American freedoms you could ever try to fuck with in front of a Marine, electing our next president definitely ranks highest on the "You're asking for a hospital bed" list.


I've got Fox, CNN, MSNBC and um... ESPN *ahem*... playing in here... that's the only story like that I've seen. Anyone hear about shit like this going on anywhere else?

Kaustic Uploaded 11/04/2008
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