I have something to say (I haven't been drinking...I swear.)

I love this site.

I love reading the pseudo-intellectual crap.

I love reading the never-ending spewing of political / religious / scientific bull-shit.


The MOST entertaining aspect of this site is, hands down, the pussy ass bitches.

I love reading the comments on the media I post. Some good, some bad, some complete pussy-ass bitch comments.

I log onto ebw. I check "My InBox".

"Response to your comment..."

"Buddy list alert..."

I read a response to one of my posts...WHAT'S THIS?!? "that is fucking pointless dickweed."

Next few comments I receive are "ur a dickhead", "ur a dickweed", "ur a dickwad"

Obviously, the dude I'm dealing with LOVES DICK.

Being a heterosexual male, I begin to become a little bit uncomfortable.

I immediately decide that the best defense is a good offense.

My instinctual response is to leave a message exposing their homo-erotic tendencies on their profile page, and all of a sudden, their page is no longer accepting messages.


I've left nasty messages on people's profile pages before that have been left up there for months. I love it when a pussy-ass-bitch not only deletes my message, but disables the whole message system on their profile.

I would savor this victory, but I don't think it should last for more than a second.

p.s. I don't care if the culprit is eight years old (That or a touch slow...Either way I don't care...)

p.s.s. There are only two good plays: South Pacific, and the one that puts the ball in the basket...

Tits, Ass, & Engines.

NOTE:  This blog is not about scoob_285...Honest...And he did not re-open his message board after reading this blog...Really.


Uploaded 11/13/2008
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