I am fucking apalled

Why have I not learned! I need to know that if I even glance past the hell that is MTV I will be put into a blind rage. This goes without fail every time I see the mindless dribble that is produced by MTV.


     So I was flipping through the channels and I saw Jackass. Jackass is one of the dumbest shows I've ever seen, yet it is hysterical. What is it about man that makes us love seeing others in pain? We're sadistic creatures. Any who, the commercials come on.


No problems yet.


Oh look a new Saturn, that's nice.


Commercial for my super sweet sixteen...I'm slowly being reminded of why I choose not to watch this particular channel.


The Rob and Big Show has become much more clear that this rots my brain cells far worse than any drug could.


And now the grand daddy of it all. A shot at love. Nay readers, not Tila Tequila, oh no. No no no, a puerto rican slutty bisexual wasn't enough. NOW they decide that people are goign to COMPETE for BISEXUAL TWINS. Yes readers you heard me right, a double shot at love.


Now my question is this: When is the world going to end? Because from the looks of things it will be VERY soon. What kind of a message are we sending to teens? I' seventeen but for some reason am not normal in my thought process. I have a very attractive girlfriend. But what attracted me to her is her modesty, NOT her inherent beauty. In fact, if she had dressed like a slut I would not have respected her for a second and would have never spoken to her. The girls on this show are wearing essentially dental floss as bikinis and dresses that are shorter than my T-shirts. The girls in my school decide that's ok too. I even console some of them when "they can't keep a boyfriend because nobody respects her." Well NO SHIT! Here's the main law of men: We will give you as much respect as you demand. If you let us use you as a jizz mop we will. If you tell us that we have to treat you with respect and dignity, then we will do that too.


So basically here is MTV's message: Hey kids! Dress like a slut! Don't worry about it guys. People will still respect you. Hell if they don't just sleep with them! Then everyone will like you.


Am I alone in wondering what the fuck happened to modesty?


Thegodlyone has spoken and is disgusted

Uploaded 11/19/2008
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