Thanksgiving Break

Well given the recent discussion on the lack of blogs, i thought i'd attempt to muster something something up, though i warn you..this isn't anything too antertaining..

just thought i'd tell of my upcoming week that i'm pretty excited about..

all my friends that went away for college are coming home one by one over the weekend, most of them tomorrow. and tomorrow night were going to baltimore to go to a club is the plan. i'm hoping that a college ID and clevage will work in the place of my license and i'll be able to get in since i'm the last of my friends to turn 18..

also the guy that i always hook up with when hes in town is coming home monday and were doing something that night. which is good because i havnt had any action in a couple weeks..

plus thanksgiving dinner is always something to be excited about..

yea this was lame, but no one eles is doing any better..anyone eles have anything planned for thanksgiving break?

Uploaded 11/20/2008
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