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embarassing bands or songs that you like


i love music. i wish i had the time or the patience to learn to play guitar or some shit, but i dont. i do listen to an eclectic collection of music. rock, hip hop, rap, celtic, some classical, clasic rock, metal, death metal, almost any thing that sounds good for me at that moment in time. now, everyone has that one song or one band that when you put it on people go why the fuc are YOU listening to THAT???? i think mine is Journey. i cant help myself, i love em! Steve Perry has a great voice and the songs rock. when i was a baby and was cranky and wouldnt go to sleep, my mom would drive me around in our big 72 caprice and play a Journey 8 track and by song 3 i would be out.ok, i laied my dick on the table and everyone got to laugh at it, now its your turn. whats your embarassing song/band you listen too?

AWFULJACKASS Uploaded 11/24/2008
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