Pussy and Lips II (The Danzig Saga)

So it was tonight (last night?), and I went to my friends' house to say goodbye.

They invited me to a Thanksgiving dinner at a friend's house; I went. It was my last night in Missoula and everyone wanted me there. I gave a ride to the young woman whom I have had a middle-school-crush on since my freshman year in college.

We showed up and began drinking. Then we drank some more. Finally, it was time for food. I did not eat because I had just had an amazing, free-range, grass-fed steak (I had another one, but left it on the top of my car*). The whole thing was kind of a kind of punk-rock-thanksgiving. Overall, it was pretty fun.

Here's the breakdown:

7:07: People ate.

7:08: I petted the cat.

7:56: We all drank some more.

8:01: I petted the cat some more.

5:43: We had our first collective experience with time travel.

8:06: Everyone else played King's Cup while I petted the cat.

8:36: We all had pie.

Oct. 2, 1948: We all fought dinosaurs and faries before returning to the future (then) at 8:45 Nov. 23, 2008.

9:03: Almost everyone went to smoke weird drugs.

9:20: I petted the cat some more.

10:07: Some stuff happened.

10:53: I apologized to a guy whom I choked out last year. He was totally cool.

10:57: Petted the cat some more. That is one cool cat.

11:04: This waitress came in with a bike and said "Is this your bike?". My friend said, "Oh yes, it was a gift from my son. It's a vintage 1982..." The waitress looked annoyed and cut him off. "Well it has to go, stanksack." and walked away. "1982?" I proclaimed, "That's older than me!" Tee hee hee! Stanksack didn't seem amused.

11:43: I took the girl who I like (and think likes me (don't know if she's a lesbian or bi-sexual (there is a large difference in terms of how much she would like my wang))) and her friend home, jamming out to Turbonegro.

12:04: Got home and began playing the guitar while watching "The Swamp Monster" on TV (horrible movie). Petted my cat.

The near future: Going to bed.

This blog was a total abortion, so please forgive me.

*If you live in Missoula, MT and find a premium, free-range, grass-fed steak on the road, I forgot it was on top of my car when I took off. I really want it back; the first steak was amazing.


An Addendum: To my Ebaum's friends: I may be offlline for an uncertain amount of time. Hopefully, I will be back soon (to the collective dismay). Take care and happy blogging!

Uploaded 11/24/2008
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