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Starkweather's rant


Have you ever noticed a common reoccourence in the comments section of the videos, pictures, jokes etc....all I see is FAKE, FAIL, or "this is stupid"  or my personal favorate when people whine that ebaum puts crap on the web site. 

Yet all these fuckin yuppies seem to keep comming back!  if you don't like what you see, go to another web site!!!  there is about a trillion other sites just like this one!  But instead f going to them, they think anyone gives a flying fuck that they think a certain video is fake; well guess what:  NOBODY CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Find a girlfriend or take up a hobby!  Nobody gives a rat's ass ig you think the content of this site doesnt meet your personal standards!  Gu fuck yourself up the ass with a suprised chpmunk and a demotivational poster!

Starkweather Uploaded 05/03/2008
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