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MY Review of "Funniest Comments Ever on eBaum's"!!!


#2 - I hate people that try to pretend like they actually give a shit. You know they really don't. They just don't have anything interesting to say about themselves so they have to talk about something starving children in 3rd World Countries. Dude, I've seen those commercials! Those kids eat better than I do! Why the hell should I give them a penny a day? I don't even get a penny a day. Shit.

Maybe those fuckin' BUMS that stand at the freeway exits, collecting AT LEAST $5 every red light, they can help their fellow starving people. Does that thought ever cross a BUM's mind? FUCK NO! They're some of the greediest mother fucker's I've ever met! They make more money than most of us do. I wanna be a BUM when I grow up.

#4 - Hahaha! Nothing better than some little internet nerd thinking he's tough hiding behind his PC.....besides him getting schooled cuz he can't even do it right! LOL I wondered why they had that top comment tho....THEN I PUT 2 & 2 TOGETHER... and noticed his comment totally contradicts his username! HAHAHA....OK, maybe I'm the stupid one!?!

#6 - LMAO! I guess that can be taken 2 ways. I think work (as in employed) is funnier tho. Only cuz it's true! If you're online you're probably unemployed and at home sitting on your ass.....or if you are employed, you're obviously not working very hard. LOL Sounds like me.....

#9 - Hahahahaha! I'm not racist but that shit was FUNNY! At 1st I thought the person who replied was just a fucking idiot and just let the world know he was racist. Then I thought, "Wait. Maybe he did that on purpose? He was just making the statement valid." If so, that was fuckin' good, I gotta give it to him! (Disclaimer: NO, I am NOT racist, once again. However, I CAN appreciate anybody who's that quick-witted.)


#17 - I gotta give this dude props too! That was fuckin' good! Also, if you notice the "Nazi's" username......that also supports my comment above. LOL. When are they gonna figure out that everybody doesn't "JUST KNOW"......we "KNOW" because you dumb-asses ALWAYS have at least one word relating to "Marijuana" in every single one of your Usernames. Seriously, you guys have been doin' this shit since the 60's, you'd think at least 1 person would've figured out how everybody "KNOWS" and let ya'll in on the secret. (The Flourescent Tie-Dyed shirts you all love, they also aren't the smartest idea in the world. We can spot you from Outer Space guys. Tie-Dye = Marijuana! Everybody knows that.)

#21 - LMAO! Ooooooooh shit! He straight called that fag out! That was awesome! (Disclaimer: I have NO problem with Homosexuals. I have a problem with them acting like "Fags".)

#22 - I LOVE IT! Each comment gets better and better! Haha. Yes, I have a sick sense of humor.

#25 - I laugh anytime somebody pulls the "Your Mom" card......CLASSIC! How could you not see it coming?

#27 - Definitely the BEST fucking comment I've ever seen! That was GOOD!

#28 - LMFAO! I LOVE how that dude threw the racist card right back in their faces! Us "White People" very rarely get to use that one. It's cuz we're white, huh? I knew it! I love how formally the guy stated it too. Made it even funnier!


#34 - LOL! Hahaha....Somebody had to say it!






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