"Classic" is my dick, "Cute" is my ass, and "Galleries" are my v

I'm tired of Ebaum's staff reposting old shit and calling it "classic". It's just an excuse to repost shit that everyone has seen so that they don't have to make an effort into stealing... uh I mean "finding" new content. It's a waste of a spot on the homepage. And so is the "Real Girls" gallery posts. They're not even nude, people. If I wanted to see girls in their underwear, I wouldn't go to Ebaumsworld, I'd just turn off Safe Search on Google and type in any word in the english language.

In fact, most galleries are failures if you look at the ratings. It's just typically a bad idea to post them at all. Unless there is some uniquely interesting or funny aspect to a gallery, don't post it. No one gives a shit. We have these fancy new picture galleries called videos; they're real neat.

And why do "cute" videos keep getting posted? I find it refreshing occasionally but it makes no sense with the theme of the site. The staff is honestly going to post mentally handi-capped people to be laughed at, bloody fights, self-mutilation and shit and then turn around and try to cater to the audience they've alienated? Where's the logic here? Are they trying to hit the age 14-20 morbid internet junkie cat-loving angry liberal racist demographic?

Uploaded 05/05/2008
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