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Angry, sad, pissed off people!


Why do most people on Ebaum's world have to leave angry comments on videos? Even if the video is shit, they still insist on leaving a comment like 'wow, that's 50 secs of my life wasted'.

Fucking pathetic, and there's so many different genres of angry commenting!!!

Like, most commonly, anti-american: 'Pfft, stupid americans! What have they done for the world?'

And, the defencive american comments: 'STFU! america pwns you nOOb, we invented the tv, and cinema, and baseball!!!!111'

Others include, racist, pitiful, up-their-own-arse, anti-semetic, or, 'I'm better than you' type atheist'. And the od Jihad!

So, please read this, and leave an angry comment, hehe


finnlizzy Uploaded 05/07/2008
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