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Whores n' Nuns its a microwave treat yo!



Recent interview questions from a local rag

Jason how long has it been since you moved your bowels?

Jason- Well Frank, I really try to stay away from potty humor-I don't work blue, or brown for that matter.

"Hysterical laughter erupts from interviewer Frank"

Well now that was refreshing. So tell me, where do you draw on for your comedy?

Jason- Well Frank, I had a deeply emotionally devastating childhood experience. I don't care to elaborate on it just leave it be-Frank. I sure if you where finger ass banged by a nun you trusted you might be a little salty too, Frank. Maybe you would be a funny guy too Frank. (Screaming now) Maybe you would wear this rubber chicken necklace and these over-sized funny glasses and light your farts on fire at parties! It's not all fun and games here in this head. My funny ha-ha head is full of maggots and scat frank! You don't want to go there.

Frank stares blankly for moment and then asks:

3. Where you always the class clown in school?

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