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My friend is emo?


  Ok so I have been friends with this kid for a long time. I hadn't seen him in like a year. You know he was like the ideal friend, nice and funny and all that shit. So after a year he finally comes over to my house and he was wearing tight jeans and had a skateboard with a skull on the bottom. That is praticaly screaming I'm emo. I HATE EMO'S. They are crying pussy faggots bitches... i can go on for hours. He didn't really at emo but he showed me hi myspaces and it had a bloody skull saying "I'm Emo" and had all that gay metal shit. My question is if I should still be friends with this kid or just stop staying in touch with him because he is emo. I hate Emo's but that is my best friend what should I do?

dufflebagboy95 Uploaded 05/11/2008
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