stole porn from a homless man

I just want to share a few good memorys in my youth one such was when I was in 9th grade I was walking home from school and behold I saw a feild full of porn .....Yes this is true my apartment complex was next to a vacant feild where a homless man had been liveing aparently this man had alot of time on his hands lol. Any ways Being 13 or 14 I was excited it was like I had hit the jack pot so I told my friend and we stole all the porn from this homless man who wasnt home even though he was homless he had a cardboard house. I tried to sneek it in but my mom cought me and rolled her eyes she didnt really care but she gave the more hardcore ones to my cousin and called the cops on the guy probably for my safety that and anyone else walking by. Now that I look at it, i reminds me of the hobbit  when bilbo steals the one ring lol

Uploaded 05/17/2008
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