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People who Piss Me Off!




People at the corner store who have theclerk check every scratch ticket they've botught over the past 4 years cause it MIGHT be a winner and after 45 minutes and about tenthousand losing tickets later, they buy up a whole shitload more, all the while I just want to buy a pack of cigarettes! these people really need a reality check....that or a hard backhand across the face!

Jehovas Witnesses!  I don't need these self righteous assholes knocking on my door every day while I'm trying to have dinner and shoving their beliefs down my throat!  Don't get me wrong, I'm as tolerant as the next guy, and respect all religions, but just dont badger me with them!

Women who dress like skanks and then bitch when someone stares.  If you don't want all eyes on you, then don't wear a shirt thats gonna make your tits pop out when u take a breath, or a shirt that's so low cut, people can see your belly button! We all know you want the attention, so either cover up or stop whinning you stupid fuckin gold diggers! (most girls who dress like that ARE and they know it!)


Now this one absolutely kills me; Clerks who are yakking away on the phone to a friend when you wanna make a purchase!  they give you a dirty look as if doing their fucking job by serving you is an inconvienence to their day.  YOU'RE NOT GETTING PAID TO GAB ON THE PHONE!If you want to get paid to talk on the phone, try to land a job at some sex phone line!

I guess thats all for now.....until more people piss me off!

Starkweather Uploaded 05/22/2008
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