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for any of you that are mad that i post jokes here


i am sorry*...but i cannot post the longer ones in the joke section because the limit is too small...please don't hate me...besides..i only post the really good ones**.... i'm sorry if this is bugging anyone...please let me know and i'll be sure to ignore you along with other complaints***


*i'm not really sorry...i'm just trying not to be a complete douche about it*

** also....i hav never clamied any joke as my own....if i came up with a joke on my will first..suck and second i will say hey this is mine...**

*** and other whiny little bitches**** who have nothing better to do with their lives***

**** by bitches i do not mean females in a derogitory way, i mean stupid people who are lame and have nothing better to do*****....****

***** menaing that they are online*****

****** i like these things....******

Joshthegoth Uploaded 05/22/2008
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