My war With Caturday.

I was currently banned from commenting. because I posted anti lolcats comment on a caturday gallery. Well I have a Little fact for you Uptight Prick who got me banned, I am gonna ruin caturday with my anti caturday gallerys. Also I hope you shit blood so i can take a picture and put a cute misspelled caption under it... Damnit and  I wanted to spend all night saying bad things on the limited number of caturday gallerys. Dont get me wrong if people like them thats fine and dandy but i Hate them its not cute or funny to me. You dont see me making stupid pictures and Putting a funny caption under them! unless Its to piss off someone i disslike... That means you caturday pushers. Fuck your stupid cats They fucking stink and They arent cute. I have news for ya No one but you actualy likes your cat. There i said it your family thinks you are  strange for having it and i do too. I hope your cute little pets Die.. Ok back to my day and stuff, Well its been boring and there is not much to write about.




Uploaded 05/23/2008
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