mr.lucas....i am not laughing

the new indiana jones movie...***SPOILERS SPOILERS AND MORE SPOILERS***


the end of this movie....i fucking hate it...for the most part it stayed to the classics, indy gets captured and then escapes, indy fights a huge dude, indy gets outnumberd and wins, cheesy car chases and fight scenes....BUT the old original three indy movies circulated around things that were alot more real then fucking stupid ass aliens...the old movies were involed in history of the PAST hence the word history...not the history of the future...yes i know that sounds horrible but yea...go see the damn movie

this movie was way over cheesy...the old movies were good cheesy....this was just horrible...they rused the movie way too far, and made it horrible...

and the "crystal skull" looked like a damn plastic halloween decoration with a huge load of saran wrap bunched up inside of it....also its magnetic....but it is attracted things that don't have a magnetic pull...and then that whole shit about the ufo thing at the end....give me a fucking break....this was a horrible movie...don't waste your time....just rent it....fucking horrible

Uploaded 05/24/2008
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