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Picture albums containing "emo" kids


ive recently noticed that there have been a few photo albums making fun of "emo" kids.  i really dont understand this at all. i dress "emo" as alot of people would say. but my band has nothing to do with emotional feelings, infact it is a hardcore/metal band.  the word emo is bein missused all the time.  just because a girl wears black eyeliner and a guy wears tight pants and a band shirt does not mean they are EMOtional at all. yes some of these could be emotional alot but chances are they dress like this because of the music they listen to. same goes to "preps".  yes people consider preppy kids to be snobby and stuck up  but i have plenty of friends who have completely different styles.

dont juge people on how they dress, take a chance and get to now them, i mean look at the greatest musicians of all time, and most of them dont wear button downs and boot cut jeans.

ericjohnsonen Uploaded 05/26/2008
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