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ebaum stole my videos...


ok im fucking tired of this...whats the point of even fucking uploading these videos if ebaum is just gonna fucken steal it...

maybe u seen his latest one prank goes wrong...i uploaded that yesterday and it was featured today and i expected to see my name next to it but no...i see ebaum's name on my video. now i understand if we uploaded it at the same time...that wasnt the case i uploaded this yeaterday whereas he says he uploaded it 7 hrs ago...WTF IS THIS?! im tired of just uploading all these videos and not get any credit for it... but wtf can i do about it. jackshit. in fact im pretty positive that even more people than me has gotten screwed over by ebaum...

this is supremely pathetic that you have to cheat on your own website...

shadowbeliever Uploaded 06/04/2008
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Tags: off ebaum


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