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Sooo a community blog.. interesting


Ebaums is slightly amazing, in the fact that EVERYONE can participate in HUNDREDS of things.. but it gets alittle overhwleming.


Anyways, Im trying to accomplish my life long dream of selling my paintings.

So what Ive done is created a website that is basically a community of people helping eachother get recognized for different things. Its not much yet, but If anyone could help me make it better, or give suggestions, or even participate, I would be very happy.

So far there are clothes and art for sale, a government conspiracy section, a "that really burns my buiscuits" section, and soemthing that I post in just to entertain people with different things. There is a spiritualist/law of a ttraction section coming up soon

with help maybe we could all make money just off of the advertising alone!

modlovecat Uploaded 06/04/2008
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