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just some person thoughts


Everyone SUCKS!!!! WTF like everyone in my life is delusional and retarded.My friends are fake dumb sluts who cant keep secrets (DUMB RATS) i fucking HATE rats! Acting like were cool and shit and stabbing me in the back…. THAT’S MESSED My sister is oviously a sluty cunt horr from hell who cant keep her legs closed, My dad is old fart never letting me do n.e thing I want and iam almost 18!!!! Hes always trying to isolate me from the world !!! He is So overprotective always acting like iam a 5 year old!! I HATE YOU DADDY!! FUCK all girls are fucking dumb and annoying and all guys are stupid and perverted and they all have B.O.(body oder) I am like the only person in this galaxy .. No universe… who makes sense but no one ever wants to listen to what I have to say because IAM just another stupid girl in this godforsaken world who is “just pmsing” FUCK THAT iam just saying like it is EVERYONE FUCKING SUCKS I HOPE THE APOCOLAPSE WOULD COME AND EXTERMINATE THE HUMAN SPEICIES I JUST HATE THE WORLD EVERYONE IS GOING TO HELL WERE ALL EVIL SICK DEMENTED CREATURES THAT SHOULD HAVE NEVER EXISTED.

angie111 Uploaded 06/09/2008
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