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Killer Mothers Day Memories Crash and Burn


Mothers Day for my family started off pretty normal. We all wished my mom Happy mothers Day, she opened her gifts, yada, yada. We decided that we would go for dinner in a restaurant called 'Mimi's Cafe' in Foster City, CA.

So we are driving in the freeway and nearing Millbrae Avenue on 101, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, about 10 feet ahead of us, a white Chevy SUV starts driving across the freeway at close to 50mph. So our eyes follow it across the freeway thinking: wtf is he doing, and we watch in horror as the SUV collides with a merging sudan with a sickening "CRASH!" and we watch the SUV go airborne and tumble in the air and land on the dirt hill on the side of the road with an explosion of dust.

It was so surreal, and it happened so fast that it took my brain a few minutes to comprehend what was happening. This was worse than any Nascar crash I've seen in a while, and trust me, I watch Nascar almost every week.

To make things worse and to make me even more nervous, my sister was the one driving and she only had her permit. What was most traumatizing about the accident was the fact that it happened right in front of us. Had my sister been going a few mph faster, that SUV would have it us! We were fucking lucky!

So anyway, we eventually arive at our destination and eat dinner. Needless to say, that was the most low-key mothers Day dinner ever. My mom, who usually talks her ass off, had a return to serenity, and acted fairly normal.

My friend, who saw the aftermath of the accident, told me that the roof of the SUV was smashed down, the cars were totalled, and that he couldn't see how anyone could have survived.




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