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Hate Groups


im not racist!

but why do people always sit and bash groups like the Nazis and KKK but ignore groups like the Black Panthers?  The black panthers have had the most recent "devestating" actions.  the kkk and the neo nazis have only had rallys and meetings in recent years and the black panthers have robbed banks and killed people less then 30 years ago in the name of hate mostly towards white people

im not saying that the nazis and kkk are right but when the kkk rallys peacefully downtown and spews words of hate to a black crowd saying that black people are the reason for crime and violence, the black audience then riots and loots the area... how is this anyway to disproove them???

and why is it considered black pride to be proud to be black but when your proud to be white your a racist???

again im not racist!

lancer02es Uploaded 06/17/2008
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