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the reason behind Ebaums weak ass "mature" section


ok so I have posted quite a few great videos into the mature section that were getting great reviews and tons of views in a short time, but they kept getting removed by the site admins. so I decided to message one and find out why and heres the response...

...Nudity is OK, as long as the subject does not appear to be a minor. No sexual contact
is allowed, including but not limited to masturbation, anal, vaginal, or oral intercourse.
No sexual penetration of any kind is permitted, either with another body part, or object.
I hope this answers your questions.


I personally think that the mature section should be used to its fullest and allow fully
pornographic material, but the admins of this damn site won't allow it. well thats my
2 cents on the situation. what does everyone else think?
gufootballer Uploaded 06/23/2008
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