Short Freestyle

[color=red]yo, tell me wat u think

heres a short rap i made, how can i improve? i dont like hooks

verse 1
You a bitch ass, snitch ass, hoe mother fucker/
when u see my ass comin, u always run for cover/
Im the devil bitch, i got my click/
dont think i deserve it, bitch suck my dick/
i own hells army/
thats where ur mom be/
suckin the dick of the whole damn army/
(say this part fast)we fight together, die together/
live together, this forever/(reg. speed)
dont like it, taste my beretta/
that betta?/
thats what i thought/
dont wanna walk the walk/
yet u talk the talk/
i should end ur ass, right here right now/
u get ur biography, life of a cow/
cuz thats all u are/

verse 2
u walk wid a limp, like ur right leg aint right/
i walk with a manly strut like i won a fuckin dog fight/
im the devil bitch/
im the devil hoe/
ask ur sister bitch/
ur sister already know/

im to lazy to write more. give me some tips man, thats the best i can do off the top of my head[/color

Uploaded 06/25/2008
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Tags: rap


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