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Feminist Bitches


How come there are so many feminist bitches on here? I mean, really, is it that big of a deal that the guys on here think about sex? It's primal and natural. When are we going to stop smashing their true instincts?

Guess what? Men are totally different than women. I'm first to admit that they are stronger, faster, better at sports, primary breadwinners, more logical, etc. because look at their bodies! Women are not meant for certain things. However, women are good at many things too. Motherly instinct, creativeness, intuition, etc. but we don't hear men bitching about how they want to be equal when it comes to "motherly instinct" so why do all these women feel the need to be "stronger" than men? We are NOT equal. Never were, never will be, despite all the feminist bullshit we try to shove down our mens' throats. Then you wonder why your boyfriend doesn't stand up for you- he was probably suppressing his natural urges because that would be "acting like a man".

Truely pathetic.

Adraline Uploaded 06/25/2008
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