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has anyone noticed the lack of truly wicked games on this site?

i just noticed that, although there are some pretty cool games on here, there are no really fuckin wicked games. Couldnt someone download and then upload something like i dont know "Eldar scrolls" or "Doom" or sumtin like that? the worst games resemble "Pong" and the best look like cheap "gameboy colou" ripoffs. now that i think about it the site probobly doesnt have the capacity for a real video game. while the site does have some good games like "13 days in hell" most of the good lookin games arent very interactive. i guess most of the site memory space is set aside for things like videos and soundboards. note to eBaum send me a PM on weather or not i would be damaging the site or violating any copyright laws if i posted a real game on the site... if anyone knows anything about the memory capacity of this site PM me plz but for now im gonna go back to watching T3.

zalas0 Uploaded 07/01/2008
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